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Yes, I want to grow Jewish Life at F&M!

Yes, I want to grow Jewish Life at F&M!

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   Introducing the Chai Club

Dear Friends,  

We and other Chabad at F&M Alumni would like to give the same Chabad experience that we have had to future years.

We also wanted to provide a venue for interested parties (Past Jewish Alumni at F&M, Parents, Community Members, Friends etc.) for organized giving so Chabad can continue to provide for the needs of the Jewish students at Franklin & Marshall.

So we created the “Chai Club”, A group of friends of Chabad who have committed to contributing at least $18 per month, (or whatever they are able to do). Although it may seem small, when we pool it all together it adds up to help Chabad significantly.

Below are program opportunities. We appreciate your interest and your help.


Adela Korn ’12 & Stephen Braunstein ‘12

on behalf of the Chabad Alumni Association 


P.S. If you are interested in helping support other areas or in giving a one time donation, please visit

My monthly commitment will be  

$5.40 a month sponsors Sparkling Grape Juice for 3 Shabbat Dinners. (Ideal for new alumni and/or Senior Students)

$18 a month sponsors 1/4 of a Shabbat Dinner or one "Meet & Feast event"

$36 a month sponsors 1/2 of a Shabbat Dinner

$54 a month sponsors Chanukah Activities

$72 a monthsponsors a complete Shabbat Dinner. 

$100 a month sponsors One Passover Seder

$180 a month sponsors two Shabbat Dinners (one for each Semester) and one Shabat Lunch.

$250 a month sponsors a whole month of Shabbat dinners

$500 a month sponsors a whole month of Shabbat dinners for each semester 

Other Amount 

City:  State  
Zip:  Phone 

Please bill my credit card for the amount checked. (Card will be billed immediately, and again on the 14th of each succeeding month.)    

Card Number    

Exp                Code 

  Please check this box if you wish your gift to be anonymous.

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